Starting November 20th, the rate per session will change, but only by $15.  Monthly Wellness prices will increase by only $10 starting Feb 1, 2022.

To make it even easier to continue with all the benefits of massage, you’re welcome to stock up on sessions prior to the price change at the current rate to use anytime throughout 2022.  Or you have the opportunity to enroll in Monthly Wellness Plan by Dec. 1st and keep that low pricing until Feb 1, 2022.

If  you would like to prepay for sessions you an email, call or stop in the office and our front desk staff can help you.  Our front desk is now staffed 10am to 7pm M-Th 10am to 4pm on Friday and 9am to 1pm on Sat.

Wellness Members
Clients who are currently on or sign up for our Monthly Wellness Plan before Dec 1, 2021  will keep the current rate until February 2022 (3 months) as a thank you for your continued support.
Current Rate                   New Rate
60 Minute Plan                   $65*                                 $75*
90 Minute Plan                   $85*                                 $95*

​*Plus tax

Session Type Changes
Currently we have different rates for a Relaxation Session and Deep Tissue/Sports Massage.
We will be going to one rate for both types of massage.

Relaxation Massage                                   Current Rate                               New Rate
30  / 60  / 90 Minute                              $45*  /  $75* /  $95*                         $60*  /  $90*  / $110*
Deep Tissue/Sports
30 / 60  / 90 Minute                               $55*  /  $85* /  $110*                        $60*  /  $90*  /  $110*

​*Plus tax

What Makes Us Different…

  • The Healing Place does the full 60- or 90-minute session (not 50 or 80 Minutes). You will get what you are paying for as long as you arrive on-time.
  • We do not charge extra for Essential Oils or Deep Blue.  Most of our competitors up charge $10 for this.